In which I talk about stuff

Hello, Blogosphere!

Welcome to my blog. Not sure what to call it yet, but it’s sure to be an interesting title when I come up with it. Gotta remember that it doesn’t have to be short and snappy, could be a sentence, or whatever. I’ve seen some variety on the main page.

So, going ahead without a name, for now, this is my new blog. Yay! I love the colourful theme I found.

Me? I’m a twenty-something unemployed university graduate living in her student overdraft. I’ve taken up face painting on the street while the weather’s warm so I have something to put in the bank once in a while. I live in Scotland, I have a long distance girlfriend who lives in Colorado, and I live with my younger brother who may evict me if I don’t get a “proper job” soon. I’m a total geek for science fiction, especially if it’s funny or British; ergo, Doctor Who is by far my favourite show. I’ve even written fanfiction for it, although my muse has been a little absent lately.

What will this blog be about? Hmm. Tough question. I’m thinking that I will probably write about my opinions on current issues, television shows, cute puppies, etc. I’ll probably throw in some photo posts occasionally, seeing as I do have a digital camera that needs using, and I may post some creative writing here as well. Plus anything else that comes to me.

I’ve always been told it’s bad to eat dinner too late in the day – something about metabolism and poor sleep – so before it gets any later, I’d better go make that omelette I’ve been planning. Here’s hoping it remains omelette-shaped and doesn’t turn into scrambled egg.

Edit: Okay, blog is named. Hurrah!


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